“Everybody, the staff is so good to us, they spoil us. We enjoy playing dominoes and all that stuff and we love it. They do everything for us. They wash our clothes, they make our bed, and make it just really feel wonderful.”

“It’s a beautiful building. When you walk in, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And that’s a wow factor.”

“I just love The Terrace. They’re really nice to you. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at my age. I like it here. I was in another place but I like it better here. And I’m fortunate, I can do my own room cleaning and laundry. They would do it for me but, I just like to do it myself. I appreciate everybody being so kind and good to help us.”

“The Terrace is the next best thing to home. And when you reach a point in your life where you can’t maintain at home any longer then you can come to The Terrace and have this rural, country, beautiful home to spend your retirement. And you have all the amenities available and the services that you need, the oversight over your medications, appointments set. Then you have the other residents here that you can enjoy the social environment also.”